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Relating with Heart—The Six Dimensions of Love

Designed specifically for churches, synagogues, mosques, schools and other groups committed to the health and well-being of couples and families.

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Are you working more than ever? Do you have extended family nearby to offer active support? It is easy to feel isolated, especially given the great opportunities to stay entertained in non-relational ways like Netflix. Then when you are in a stressed place and hit a rough patch with your spouse, it is easy to feel alone and perceive your relationship as especially dysfunctional.

It is heartening and tremendously affirming to share the challenges and unique opportunities that intimate partnerships provide, especially with other couples who have a shared commitment to growth and fulfillment. It is an honor and deeply inspiring to feel our shared humanity.

I was very impressed with the ease with which a sense of openness and closeness within the group was established. The tools, group interaction and sharing of experiences were invaluable.

—Telecommunications systems manager

It’s much easier for me to get in touch with myself and feel my connection with others. As a member of the group I felt supported, seen, listened to and appreciated.

—Construction company owner

It’s beautiful to go through this course with other couples. Gratitude, love, commitment and self-discovery keep growing.


Creating a mutually supportive and enriching relationship with your spouse is an incubator for success in all areas of your life, family, friends, work, creativity and leadership. You will reap the rewards of this investment in your partner in 10,000 ways. Oh... and there are also some serious laughs and fun along the way.

I love the humor. Seeing you model working through real life issues was an inspiration and a huge help.

—Registered Nurse

The impact [of having taken the course] on my kids is just amazing… a pivotal experience for our whole family.

—Mother of four

An immense amount of healing... the first time in my life that I’ve really felt loved.

—Psychiatric nurse

The Six Dimensions of Love



Enjoying light-hearted, energizing and renewing times, having fun together. Experiencing each other as sources of entertainment and delight—laughing, dancing, playing, finding humor and good times.

  • Put more fun and play in your life

  • Make everyday activities more enjoyable, even when—especially when—times are challenging

  • Investigate how to build in the kinds of high times and recreation that re-create you and keep you fresh

Michael and Robin truly are masters. They complement each other beautifully. Each of them can stand on their own, but as a team they are dynamic. Outstanding clarity, presenting, knowledge of material, support and coaching.

—Author and therapist

Your humor and compassion, presence and authenticity have created trust and filled each session with warmth, care and courage.

—Office manager


Sweet righteous companionship—the love and support of a loyal friend. Knowing I can pour out my heart to you, letting you see me as I am, knowing that you will be there for me.

  • Learn to overcome moments of alienation and separation quickly

  • Create a life that nurtures both of your needs for support

  • Celebrate and nurture the best of your connection


Sexual passion and erotic desire—physical and emotional intimacy. Increasing your sensual experience with generosity and open communication about needs and desires.

  • Investigate how to keep the energy and excitement growing—there is no need to lose this with time

  • The surprisingly simple and enjoyable activity that keep things fresh and allows you to constantly rediscover each other

  • The three ways to use your bodies in service of growth and an emotionally nourishing relationship

I would recommend these courses to anyone seriously wanting to work on their relationship. Your gentleness, kindness and clarity helped cut through my confusion and fear. Your integrity and honesty about everything—from anger to vulnerability—showed me that it is all right to be deeply human, feel it and show it.

—Registered Nurse

I am stunned and deeply grateful for what we have received here.



Maintaining your health and well-being, physically, emotionally, spiritually. Self-love in the sense that being emotionally and psychologically healthy, also self-aware and solid in your sense of self-worth, is important to being able to fully love others.

  • Master four simple, but effective techniques for staying calm and present, even under stress

  • Leverage your partner's perceptions of you into increased self-awareness and self-esteem

  • Define and embrace the practices that leave you at your best


The essential pragmatism, acceptance and consideration that can develop in long term relationships. The willingness to adapt, show patience and tolerance. Being able to work with differences and resolve conflicts. The ability and desire to get along with dignity and respect.

  • Overcome the need for resignation and stoicism by expressing your needs effectively and generating a context of goodwill

  • Let go of any lingering judgments, grudges and resentments, so you can be fully present

  • Reinforce the emotional richness and depth, the trust and respect that develop over time​


A sense of shared mission—a connection to some greater purpose or calling. A commitment to service, community and giving back.

  • Inspire yourselves as you get clear on your shared values and mission

  • Define and commit to a life of purpose and meaning

  • Make sure your life is in service to and fulfilling your ideals and core commitments

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