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Ongoing support for graduates

Quarterly Maintenance

Follow up weekends meet once per quarter.​

Join a small group of couples committed to developing authentic depth with their partners and growing together, as individuals and as a couple.

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Limited to eight couples

  • Regular time to connect and focus on each other

  • Review and renew the practices that work best for you

  • Explore power and money, emotional allergies and reactivity, roles at home, sensuality and passion, much more

  • Worksheets, resource materials, recommended books and exercises​

Private Coaching Sessions

Personal support for working through issues in depth.
More details about the work at

  • Resolve issues you have not been able to unravel on your own

  • Heal wounds and open your ability to go all the way with each other

  • Build trust in your ability to successfully address whatever comes up

Basic True Love—Replay

Repeat Basic True Love at a 50% discount

  • Twice the value the second time... at half the price 

  • More connecting and inspiration with other couples

  • Refresh and master the tools and practices

  • Gain more confidence and skill creating new patterns at home

  • Take time to confide and connect with your love for each other

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