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Relating with Heart - the Courage to Love

Look around. Do you see friends and family struggling with their relationships?
Was some of what you witnessed growing up unhelpful?

Relating with Heart is for people who want to avoid these kinds of problems. Who are looking for high-quality support and relationship mentors they can trust.

A massive cultural shift has left most of us with high expectations for fulfillment. Not as willing to “make do” as past generations often did.

Being consistently great together is often not easy to achieve. We try and fit each other in between a host of other responsibilities. Feeling dependent on someone who sometimes makes you crazy can be hard.

This struggle can either drive you apart or bring you closer together as better people—resilient, loving and in-love. Those with the commitment and resources to achieve this are having experiences most can only dream about.

"This is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done. I’m much more effective in what I do at work and how I communicate with my children… This will allow us to really enjoy our life…"

—Corporate CEO

"I learned an amazing collection of practical tools that I can actually use and that are working for me in all my close relationships. My only regret is not having had these skills a long time ago."

—Business Consultant

Your humor and compassion, presence and authenticity have created trust and filled each session with warmth, care and courage.

—Office manager

Relating with Heart - couples counseling and marriage retreats

Our work based on the best and most effective approaches from dozens of marriage education courses, designed for people who want to make rapid progress. We promise to deliver results that will leave you pleasantly surprised, giving you increased faith and delight in your partner, as well as your own ability to successfully communicate with him or her.

Every course builds on the skills and awareness of the previous one. Each of them—including the FREE Prelude—will add significant value and happiness to your relationship.


The audios are from an interview we did with the podcast Elephant Talk. 

The video describes how we dealt with a serious crisis.


"I would recommend your courses to anyone seriously wanting to work on their relationship. Your gentleness, kindness and clarity helped cut through my confusion and fear. Your integrity and honesty about everything—from anger to vulnerability—showed me that it is all right to be deeply human, feel it and show it."

—Registered Nurse

"Michael and Robin truly are masters. They complement each other beautifully. Each of them can stand on their own, but as a team they are dynamic. Outstanding clarity, presenting, knowledge of material, support and coaching."

—Author and therapist