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PAIRS—The Best in Marriage Education Training and Certification for professionals who counsel and coach couples

PAIRS is widely respected as the most comprehensive, effective marriage education program in the nation because of the consistent, positive, lasting impact courses have on the lives of participants. This impact has been repeatedly validated through extensive research on the experiences of thousands of diverse participants in PAIRS brief, evidence-based programs:

  • PAIRS Essentials (8-12 hours)

  • PAIRS for LIFE (12-16 hours)

  • PAIRS for PEERS (10-15 hours)

In 2009, PAIRS Essentials Retreats for Wounded Warriors suffering from visible and invisible wounds as a result of combat deployment were selected by the Veterans Administration as a "Best Practice" for marriage enrichment.

Skill-based love is the most romantic and the most enduring… PAIRS is the Cadillac of programs.

—Diane Solee, Director, The Coalition for Marriage, Families and Couples Education

While some marriage education programs address one or two components of the resources needed to sustain lasting loving relationships, such as communication or conflict resolution, PAIRS delivers a holistic approach that has been proven effective and enduring time and again. PAIRS Essentials uniquely integrates the process, sequence, quality management, and range of relationship building experiences vital to producing lasting breakthroughs for couples and families.


A 2009 study of the longitudinal impact of PAIRS Essentials and PAIRS for LIFE for couples who began at the point of separation or divorce found significant, lasting improvements for 77% of the participants.


A 2010 study of PAIRS Essentials found statistically significant benefits across diverse socio-economic and ethnic groups for participants in various stages of relationships.

Taking from psychoanalysis, psychology, psychiatry and counseling the essence of their change-producing techniques… [PAIRS is] a synergistic force that helps individuals and couples find positive change to be relatively easy.

—Clifford Sager MD, Director, The Marriage and Family Clinic at Cornell Medical Center

PAIRS—Impact Studies:

PAIRS—Curriculum Overview​

PAIRS—Mission and Values


Since 1983, the mission of PAIRS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, has been to teach those attitudes, emotional understandings, and behaviors that nurture and sustain healthy relationships and to make this knowledge broadly available on behalf of a safer, saner, more loving world. We accomplish our mission by developing and delivering evidence-based, best practices in marriage, family and couples education, conducting research, and training instructors worldwide.

PAIRS Trainer—Robin Temple MA MSW

Robin Temple is the only PAIRS-certified trainer offering PAIRS certification programs for therapists, psychologists, clergy, social workers and other healthcare professionals in the Rocky Mountain region. She is a leading professional in education and therapy for families, helping distressed couples, teaching and coaching. She’s a contributing author on:

Co-leading is her partner, PAIRS Master Teacher Mike Moore. Robin and Michael also design courses for PAIRS Foundation:

  • PAIRS 120-hour Mastery Course

  • PAIRS Passion Weekend

  • PAIRS Level One Certification Training

  • PAIRS Level Two Certification Training

PAIRS relationship counselor certification
Quotes from graduates of Robin and Mike’s PAIRS Level One certification trainings:


Will take your work to a new level. Your clients will leave sessions empowered to transform and maintain a healthier, happier relationship. A tremendous help by giving me more structure and skill to support my own marriage, as well as my clients.

—Marriage and Family Therapist

I was fortunate to take the PAIRS Level One training with her and experience not only what an excellent trainer and psychotherapist Robin is, but also significantly increased my own experiential learning curve for couples’ therapy.  I have been able to integrate very practical skills and applications that help strengthen the lives and families of my clients. 

It particularly clarified and expanded my training in areas of bonding, emotional re-education, intimate couple's dialectics, roles, conflicts and responsibilities. This has added an invaluable tool set for my private practice. Without reservation I recommend this for anyone in the helping professions.

—Psychotherapist and Addictions Specialist

A tremendous asset to my work with couples [and] and exceptionally valuable professional tool—should not be missed. I am beyond excited to implement my learning into my personal life.

—Military Chaplain​

Definitely helped me become a better person and a better

relationship adviser. This is crucial material that has enormous transformational potential.

—Marriage Retreat Leader

Excellent, practical, clear, powerful, comprehensive. Easy to follow. Delivers on all fronts.

—Military Chaplain​

Tuition and Certification

$950/person or $1250/couple


You will be licensed to teach several valuable PAIRS courses for adults and teens. Payment plans can be arranged if needed (includes first year licensing fees). More details at:

Bring a partner for FREE


You may bring a partner free of charge to join you for the first 2.5 days of experiential exercises. This will help you understand the course from the inside before we focus on how to teach it the second two days.

PAIRS is exactly what we were looking for in terms of real relationship skills for combat-returned and wounded warriors and their spouses. Our survey before and after PAIRS shows a profound impact on both couples' perception of their relationship and hope for the future... helping our heroes and their families reconnect after combat, and giving them the skills to improve their relationships and communication.

—Laurie Ott, CSRA Wounded Warrior Care Project, Augusta, Georgia

More PAIRS testimonials at:

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