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Passion and Purpose

Three weekends anchor this comprehensive program for lasting positive change for couples

This course is specifically designed for those couples who want to enhance pleasure and meaning in all dimensions. Building a passionate and mutually supportive life together empowers participants to achieve their best as loving and fulfilled people in all their relationships.

Research demonstrates that the best marriages of today are more stable and more fulfilling that ever before, even as the majority continue to falter. 


Why is this? Since the 1970s the breadwinner/ homemaker model has been increasingly replaced by a different ideal—one where both partners seek personal fulfillment as individuals, as well as a couple. To support our partner in this way—and be equally supported in return—requires an entirely new level of skill and awareness. Those with the resources and dedication to achieve this are thriving.


Do you ever experience

  • ​Distance and loneliness?

  • Not enough affection and intimacy?

  • A lack of understanding and empathy?

  • Feel like you are married to an alien?


Most of us do at one point or another. The key is not to avoid the struggles, which is unlikely to work in the long run. The answer is to be able to use the friction, the ways you differ or fail to understand each other, as guides and incentives for your growth together—and as individuals.

Perhaps you love each other but struggle to get along and bridge your differences…

Perhaps you are in a long term loving relationship that is missing the spark it once had and are unsure how to get the passion and romance back….

Maybe you are in a life transition and want to recharge your relationship and re-evaluate your priorities…

You may be devoted parents who want to model a style of relating that is fully consistent with your values so your children are well-equipped to find healthy relationships…


This is for you if you want to stop

  • Settling for less than you can be together

  • Tolerating pockets of resignation and dissatisfaction by accepting things that don’t really work for you

  • Avoiding potential conflicts by trying to work around or accommodate them

Building an enduring and extraordinary love together is actually not that hard with the right support.

Money back guarantee

We offer a
100% money-back guarantee to those who attend all sessions.

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Weekend One

Basic True Love

This stand-alone workshop is a prerequisite for Passion and Purpose. Passion and Purpose consists of the following three weekends, plus evening sessions, in person and online.

Weekends Two—Four
Passion and Purpose

Weekend Two
  • Nine Paths to Self-Awareness

  • Four False Beliefs about Relationships

  • The key to Avoiding Emotional Allergy Loops

Weekend Three
  • Seven Steps to Untangling a Love Knot

  • Five Moments to Unleash Rapturous Passion 

  • Pleasure and Passion Treasure Maps

Weekend Four
  • Five Steps to Enduring Love

  • Six Keys to Identifying your True Purpose

  • Create an inspiring Family Mission Statement

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