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Appreciation walks quietly through the forest,

Lost in wonder.

She is a gentle soul, easily moved By the beauty that surrounds her.

She wears a simple dress and sandals, An old and comfortable coat. She is content to go unadorned.

In her heart she knows that she Is elegantly dressed beyond measure By leaves and trees, stars and water, A thousand glorious things.

The creatures flock to her, drawn by A mysterious and pervasive goodwill. And on dark nights they draw courage, Knowing that she has seen them, And that she knows them to be well.

Mighty warriors have been struck Mute and tender by her power. Though gentle, she speaks With authority and wisdom.

Reverence and awe are her companions.

And though she thinks of herself as plain, In the subtleties of her movements And the depths of her passion, She is beautiful beyond measure.

— M Moore (1997)

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