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Colorado weekend couples retreat. Marriage counseling and therapy. Robin Temple MA MSW

Private Counseling

  • FREE initial 30-minute consultation to see if we are a fit

  • Two-hour sessions with Robin are $240. Two-hour sessions give both partners time to fully express themselves and be heard.

  • Graduates of the True Love Retreat, as well as those who commit to ten hours of work together, receive a 25% discount—this is $180 for a two-hour session.

  • You can elect to pay at your first session or online via PayPal

  • Call to schedule

Robin is available for longer intensives or retreats, and online sessions. Michael is also available to join Robin when partners prefer to have a separate personal coach.

A typical counseling series might include:

  • Getting Started—One hour private session with each person

  • Connection—Emptying the Emotional Jug

  • Restoring Trust—The Museum Tour

  • Relationship Inventory—Mapping what needs to be addressed for mutual happiness

  • Core Issues Resolution—Understand why these issues are important. Find creative solutions in a spirit of goodwill.

  • The Relationship Contract—Tools and strategies to employ to keep moving forward

  • Recognition and Closure

True Love Series


Want your partner to be—and to perceive you to be—more of a source of joy and pleasure? The True Love Series is designed for couples who want to:

  • Deal with urgent challenges and get to a better place soon

  • Transform quickly toward greater connection & enjoyment

  • Do not reside locally and/or prefer longer sessions


The series consists of two parts. The True Love Retreat rapidly builds awareness and skill. Deft counseling helps sustain and deepen this progress. With this combination, advances go smoother and faster—the experience is more enjoyable and saves time—so we offer a 25% discount for the counseling portion of this series:

 1)  The True Love Retreat

 2)  10 hours of private counseling (typically five sessions)

The True Love Retreat takes place in a comfortable setting away from home and work—this helps support your best selves. Your own work together will be completely private. In the group setting you will observe real demonstrations that will greatly accelerate your ability to:

  • Listen with goodwill and take ownership

  • Work through conflict with candor and authenticity

  • Experience each other as sources of pleasure


Private sessions have greater depth and velocity after completing the True Love Retreat. Even difficult issues are resolved sooner as you connect with increased generosity and rapport.

Colorado weekend couples retreat. Marriage counseling and therapy. Robin Temple MA MSW

Robin Temple is a talented and highly experienced couples' counselor. She and her husband Michael Moore brought the PAIRS program to Colorado over 20 years ago and have helped hundreds of couples to develop intimate relationship skills and better, more fulfilling lives.


Robin has also designed and delivered training to scores of mental health professionals, including military chaplains, rabbis and ministers, and VA psychologists, certifying them as PAIRS leaders. Her work consistently receives top ratings from participants.


One of her gifts is to deliver valuable, practical skills that can be put into immediate use. I have worked closely with Robin over the past 17 years, and highly recommend her as a gifted trainer and therapist who has synthesized her broad background into a unique and impactful approach.


—Dr. Betty Cannon, author, Director, Boulder Psychotherapy Institute and professor at the Colorado School of Mines, Naropa and Regis Universities

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