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From an interview with the podcast Elephant Talk.

Our promise to you

Although we wish it were not necessarily so, we have faced difficult life challenges that often end marriages and relationships. Being tempered by loss and difficulty has made it easy for us to understand other couples and provide care and loving support. We tell this story to a friend in the audio.

We've been blessed by the opportunity to train and certify dozens of leaders in couples work—psychologists and social workers, ministers and rabbis, as well as military chaplains. We have grown from 25 years designing programs for national organizations while working with more than 1000 couples.

We develop couples retreats and coaching that delivers positive change quickly and predictably. Being able to synthesize the best from multiple relationship, communication and healing programs (in which we are certified), has allowed us to select what is most useful for couples seeking a rapid improvement in understanding and happiness.

Our work is based in our own search for ways to understand each other better, to be less reactive, to fall in love more each day. Our many differences, both of temperament and perspective, create the opportunity to provide authentic demonstrations of the practices. Participants consistently say what really made it possible to shift old habits was seeing a real example of a couple coming to an understanding around a significant difference.

The focus is on practical tools that work even for people—especially for people—who are busy or stressed. You do not have to believe this will work for you in order for it to be effective—only your goodwill is necessary. We promise you a remarkable experience.

We welcome everyone who is committed to having a great relationship and are delighted to engage with people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, gender preferences and relationship styles.

Robin Temple and Michael Mike Moore Colorado couples retreats and marriage therapy
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An Awkward Proposal


"I would recommend your courses to anyone seriously wanting to work on their relationship. Your gentleness, kindness and clarity helped cut through my confusion and fear. Your integrity and honesty about everything—from anger to vulnerability—showed me that it is all right to be deeply human, feel it and show it."

—Registered Nurse

"Michael and Robin truly are masters. They complement each other beautifully. Each of them can stand on their own, but as a team they are dynamic. Outstanding clarity, presenting, knowledge of material, support and coaching."

—Author and therapist

"Your humor and compassion, presence and authenticity have created trust and filled each session with warmth, care and courage."

—Office manager LOGO 03a.jpg
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