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Relating with Heart—Essentials


Do you sometimes

  • Feel cautious or hopeless about bringing up certain topics that really matter?

  • Feel alone and don't know how to connect with each other?

  • Feel so drained by all the demands on your time that you have little left for each other?

You are not alone

  • If you love each other but struggle to get along and stop hurting each other

  • If you are in a new relationship that you treasure, and don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past

  • If you are in a long term relationship that is missing the spark you once had

  • If you are devoted parents who want to avoid destructive arguments in front of your children

This program offers simple solutions to transform your life together for the better, it is not that hard.

GUARANTEED! If you are not delighted with the value you receive after attending the full program (17 hours) we will be happy to refund your tuition.

The average overall satisfaction rating for this course (on a scale of 1-10):


March 16-17 or April 27-28

East Boulder or Longmont, Colorado location


Friday evening

5:00P – 5:30P  Check-in

5:30P – 9:30P


9:00A – 6:30P


2-4 hrs of integration and celebration
to complete on your own

Two follow-up evenings to build and sustain your progress

March seminar: Mondays—Mar 26th and Apr 9th

April seminar: Wednesdays—May 16th and May 30th

6:30P – 9:00P

What you can expect
Set aside time for an intimate connection

This workshop offers a supportive and safe environment which allows
you to have relevant and productive conversations with your partner. Both of you will feel heard and understood at a new level of closeness and intimacy.

I enjoyed the intentional, comfortable intensity of two days focused on our marriage. It was a great weekend!

—School teacher

Resolve problems and mend hurts quickly


Clear up misunderstandings and chronic complaints so you can stop fighting and enjoy being together.

My parents can fight now, get over it and still be loving.


Supports all your relationships


Prevent alienation and become more effective at home, with other family members, and at work. Take pride in the example you are setting.

I learned an amazing collection of practical tools that I can actually use and that are working for me in all my close relationships. My only regret is not having had these skills a long time ago. 

—Business consultant

Rekindle the pleasure

You will learn simple and effective ways to maintain connection even when—or especially when—you are otherwise busy, pre-occupied or stressed. Everything is easier and more fun when there is a background of goodwill.

One of the most valuable things I’ve ever done. I’m much more effective in what I do at work and how I communicate with my children… This will allow us to really enjoy our life…

—Corporate CEO

Education, not therapy

Relax in the realization that you are not alone in having challenges. Your work with your partner will be in private. We will provide you with coaching support to resolve issues with more ease using a simple and fair system.

I love the humor. Seeing you model working through real life issues was an inspiration and a huge help.   


—Registered Nurse


March 16-17

$275/person or $225 if paid in full by March 6th

April 27-28

$275/person or $225 if paid in full by April 17th

$25/person is a non-refundable deposit

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