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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Colorado weekend couples retreat. Marriage counseling and therapy.

Why successful people do this:

The best marriages of today are much stronger, in terms of satisfaction and personal well-being than was true of good marriages in the past. This is counterintuitive since, overall, marriages today have a lower level of satisfaction and a higher probability of divorce than in the past.

These great marriages are disproportionately found among people with the resources to devote time and energy to being with their partner.

Why is that?

What we expect from our relationships has never been higher—we want them to be sources of self-discovery and expression, nurture and personal growth—and we are much less willing to stay if they are not. More than ever before, marital quality predicts personal happiness and well-being.

Creating this kind of life-fulfilling connection requires an investment of time and energy—especially given all the diverse roles we are trying to negotiate:

  • Best friend and life companion

  • Household and finances collaborator

  • Sex and intimacy partner

  • Support person, possibly co-parent 

In addition, we have to navigate the ways in which each of us is a little bit crazy, which predictably comes out most strongly with our intimate partners. It is easy to let the demands of our lifestyles mean that we have limited resources to devote to one another and the specific work of learning to be great together.

Eli J Finkel, Professor of Social Psychology at Northwestern University cites extensive research in concluding that:

Those individuals who can invest enough time and energy in their partnership are seeing unprecedented benefits... The good news is that our marriages can flourish today like never before. They just can’t do it on their own.

Resourcefulness and goodwill are needed to continue growing, as well as the right kind of support. Many graduates of True Love courses have said that the tools they were offered helped them achieve breakthroughs and understanding far beyond—and more immediately—than what they had found in months, or even years, of counseling.

You threw us a lifeline with your commitment, your compassion, and your devotion to being effective.

—Business executive

Reasons people cite for participating:

  • Want to stop giving up on things that matter to me

  • Struggling to connect and feel understood

  • Our connection feels flat, lacking in passion and excitement

  • Tired of destructive arguments and power struggles and worried about the effects these are having on our children and our own well-being

  • Committed to participating in high quality growth experiences

  • Want to take our good relationship to the next level

Take action! If this program is not right for you, then do something else to achieve the life you—and your partner—deserve. As in any formidable, complex activity with high stakes, great relationship success does not come to those who merely wing it. Choose to be among those who report unprecedented levels of marital satisfaction and personal happiness. It is so worth it.

We offer fast results:


We have spent the last 25 years searching out, studying and practicing every form of couples work and personal development we had access to—because we needed help. They say you teach what you need to learn: You can read in our personal biography how much our differences have been a challenge for us, right from the start.

We realized that, without help, we were not going to make it. Over the last several decades, we have practiced, refined and integrated hundreds of tools for having a great relationship, relentlessly honing them to get better results faster—because we hate wasting time, ours or yours.

We have delivered hundreds of workshops and seminars for couples—ranging from 10 hours to a 160-hour mastery course—to uncover precisely what is most essential to help couples fulfill their expectations for a satisfying and rewarding life together.


The result is the True Love Retreat.

Robin and Michael are tenaciously focused on helping couples achieve the outcomes they desire. Their courageous and direct approach, coupled with a gentle and loving demeanor, is an inspiration.

—Relationship counselor

When it is working well, marriage is the ultimate personal development track and a natural path to life satisfaction.

Challenges can be a gateway to exactly what we want and need. Knowledge, trust and acceptance, learning to be an emotional grown-up with the people we care about the most, can and do open a portal to the hottest and most exhilarating, meaningful and satisfying form of love... true love. 

If you would like to get a major shortcut to a happier relationship and a more fulfilling life, we can help you get to where you want to be.

Honesty and vulnerability are [Michael and Robin's] biggest asset, both individually and as a couple. Easy to listen to and always informative, extremely effective discernment and compassion.

—Writer and editor

Click here if you would like more details on either our personal story or our professional biographies.

In addition to working directly with couples, we also train counselors and therapists to be more effective in their work with couples, both through our own programs and also as lead trainers for PAIRS Foundation.

Couples Counseling Methods

PAIRS certification programs

FREE assessment:

The Six Essential
Measures of Love

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Colorado weekend couples retreat. Marriage counseling and therapy.

We promise to provide you with what you need to connect with your partner authentically and intimately—to redirect your life.

Based on the best and most effective approaches from dozens of marriage education courses, this is an enjoyable and supportive way to accelerate and deepen your love.

See the Private Counseling page if meeting in private is your need or preference.

True Love Retreats

Average participant rating for overall satisfaction = 9.6
(on a scale of 1-10)

Home Assessment

The assessment consists of seven questions in each category. We will reflect on your responses and get back to you in person for a free 30-40 minute consultation on how to improve your relationship. Please send your info on the form below when taking the survey, so we will know how to best contact you with a response.

FREE Relationship Assessment

The six essential aspects of love have been recognized since ancient times. They are:

  • Friendship

  • Pleasure

  • Passion

  • Self-care

  • Enduring Love

  • Purpose

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