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Practical Training in

A fusion of clinically-proven psycho-educational approaches to couple’s counseling

As a provider, have you felt confused or overwhelmed by the emotional
demands and therapeutic challenges of dealing with volatile or entrenched couples? Have you experienced challenges containing acrimony or keeping things from escalating? Would you enjoy having simple, effective approaches to holding the couple in a positive and constructive conversation—a place to resolve the issues that divide them?


►  Conduct a first session that leaves them engaged and hopeful

►  3 ways to rapidly identify and repair seminal breaks in trust

►  Stop the blame game so clients can each take responsibility

►  Reveal and resolve the transference operating within the dyad, reestablishing friendship and positive connection

►  3 methods for using powerful emotions, like pain and anger, to bring couples closer together

►  How to engender empathy, goodwill, and a mutual desire to work together on behalf of healing and growth

►  Provide relief and resolution for distressed or disengaged couples who have struggled to find effective therapies

►  Free partners from being trapped in an unhappy limbo—help them make clear and respectful decisions about their future


This is not merely a theoretical approach to working with couples. This training offers specific practical interventions, so you feel confident and are prepared with an array of powerful tools and skills, including exercises that you can rely on to deliver awareness and behavioral change. You will learn the best elements of multiple approaches—refined through 21 years of

on-the-court experience with distressed couples—demonstrated to help couples quickly find relief, connection and clarity.


This program consists of three separate phases to accomplish rapid integration of the course material. The training environment and engagement with peers is enjoyable and illuminating throughout. You will leave equipped to help couples in all stages:


►  Supporting engaged and newly married couples

►  Enriching and reinvigorating long term relationships

►  Helping couples work through life changes and crises, including separation and divorce


We offer a money-back guarantee as an expression of confidence you will be pleased with the value you receive.


Providing you with a personal experience         

Experience the basic tool kit first hand by participating in this exceptional
12-hour seminar. Bring a partner, family member, or colleague free to this evening-and-a-day relationship adventure. You will build on your strengths while having the opportunity to breakthrough on lingering issues. All your work as a pair will be private.

Participant overall satisfaction ratings for BTL seminars are 98%.

Phase Two—
Detailed strategies and practical guidance        

This 14-hour training meets on two days. We will delve deeply into practical applications in working with couples. You will receive a treasure trove of tools and guidance that you can put to immediate efficacious use.

Dynamic Tools for Getting Started Productively

►  Form a secure container and mutual contract for relationships to grow

►  Learn a respectful and motivating process to identify the issues that need resolution, in order of urgency

►  Quickly re-establish an open communication channel, so that authentic confiding and genuine understanding can occur


Essential Tools for the Robust Accomplishment of the Work

►  Surface key emotional allergies that trigger anger and despair, and help the couple identify exit strategies that disrupt destructive patterns of interacting

►  Help clients identify their needs and express them in a way that elicits empathy and generosity

►  2 basic distinctions clients need in order to have their partner feel heard and understood

►  Essential tools for negotiating change and making agreements, including following through and handling breakdowns

►  Using homework to increase resiliency and accelerate the development of skill

►  4 crucial elements for handling affairs and betrayals, past and present

Managing Your Role with Grace and Effectiveness


►  How to remain an ally of each partner while being resolute in helping them confront their part in the breakdown of intimacy

►  Dealing with secrets and efforts to triangulate the therapist

►  3 strategies to employ if you find it difficult to maintain neutrality in working with a couple

►  Using online coaching sessions

On-the-court mentoring                 

Refine and strengthen your work with follow-up support as you implement these strategies. Phase Three consists of two hours of personal consultation and six hours of optional online group sessions.


►  Bring your specific challenges to receive coaching and direction

►  Enjoy the company of peers and the creative exchange of group synergy and wisdom


This training draws from a wide variety of sources. However, the foundation of our work with couples—and as trainers of mental health professionals—has been through PAIRS Foundation. PAIRS was originally designed as an amalgam of proven therapeutic methods—drawn from a cross-section of leading experts—as designed by Dr Lori Gordon under the mentorship of Virginia Satir.

PAIRS Foundation has been an industry leader in marriage education for more than a quarter century. It is currently being used widely by VA psychologists and military chaplains for the support of military families. There is a large body of clinical evidence supporting this approach.


Cost for the entire program is $899. Call for next available dates.

Professional training for marriage counselors and couples therapists. Colorado Continuing Professional Development Program. PDH CEU. Colorado Professional Development Hours. Robin Temple MA MSW
Colorado Continuing Professional Development Program
Professional training for marriage counselors and couples therapists. Colorado Continuing Professional Development Program. PDH CEU. Colorado Professional Development Hours. Robin Temple MA MSW

The complete program qualifies you for 36 PDH (Colorado Continuing Professional Development Hours) 

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